Friday, January 12, 2018

January's Library Corner

Welcome back to the Library Corner!  Each month our school librarian, Mrs. Connell, recommends three books that students are encouraged to read.  These titles are available in the Holy Trinity School Library, as well as the Wallingford Public Library.  This month's books all have a Winter Olympic Theme!

Recommendation for Grades 6,7&8
Title: Freeze Frame: A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics

Author: Sue Macy

Summary: This book is one of the first to capture the heroics of the Winter Olympics.  From the unlikely Jamaican bobsled team to the unforgettable U.S.S.R. vs. U.S.A. hockey clash at Lake Placid, all the legends of great winter sports are recalled, including stars of skiing, bobsledding, ice skating, and even snowboarding.
Freeze Frame features spectacular photo galleries in addition to a superb map of Winter Olympic sites, an insight into the coverage of new extreme Olympic sports, and a complete Winter Olympic Almanac, which includes quick reference information on each Olympiad.

Recommendation for Grades 3,4&5
Title: A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet

Author: Kurt Browning

Illustrator: Melanie Rose

Summary: Four-time World Champion and professional figure skater, Kurt Browning, replaces his boots and blades with pen and paper to write this book.  From holding an edge to laces and hooks, Kurt glides and dances through the alphabet explaining history, techniques, and memorable moments of the sport.

Recommendations for Grades K,1&2
Title: Tacky and the Winter Games

Author: Helen Lester

Illustrator: Lynn Munsinger

Summary: Tacky and his fellow penguins have to work hard to get in shape so they can represent Team Nice Icy Land in the athletic competitions.  After rigorous training, they're ready- but are the games ready for Tacky?  Will his antics keep Team Icy Land from winning a medal?  From bobsledless racing and ski jumping to speed skating, Tacky lends his unique, exuberant style to each competition.  Tacky reminds readers of the underlying joy and enthusiasm that propels athletes to greatness.

Title: Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics

Author: Yossi Lapid

Illustrator: Joanna Pasek

Summary: Snowman Paul dreams of becoming a Winter Olympics champion.  Dan is surprised by how well his snowman is doing in the competition.  But then, Dan becomes suspicious.  Is Snowman Paul competing fairly?  Or is he perhaps, enjoying some unfair advantages?